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Gather 17 readers to participate.
The first person initiates and decide how it goes.
First performed in 2019.

YOU can determine the conditions and situation.

There are sixteen other passages to read
and you will orchestrate, direct, conduct the reading aloud of the pieces.

For your consideration;
tin-can telephone
all at once
audio message
over the course of a week
from the window
into the wind
under the sheets
to the plants
in pairs
wild abandon

That's how it starts,
but you can always restart.
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read silently
1. the initiator.
2. the archivist.
3. the reporter.
4. the one at the end.
5. the innocent bystander.
6. the good student.
7. the one with the keys.
8. an artist with words.
9. the one keeping the show on the road.
10. one half of the oracle.
11. the other half of the oracle.
12. the listener.
13. the one who takes the stage.
14. the whisperer.
15. the collector.
16. a parrot.
17. the ender.
[point to the closest archive at hand, reading]

...out on its own, not close to any other thing, maybe on the edge, we cannot see everything from this perspective.

A tomb, a grave, a shelter for living things, a shelter for dead things, living quarters, ceremonial memorabilia, meaningless paraphernalia, a place for sacrifice or worship or praise, a place to cook, a table, a sculpture, a seat, a throne, dominion!

A landmark, a well, a meeting point, a clock, a place of interrogation, it might be hiding something we cannot see!

A wall, a collapsed or dilapidated structure, a collection of something!
No function?
Maybe it doesn’t want to be here, but we cannot give it sentience, or autonomy, only decisions.

I want to ask:
Why preserve all of it?
Why the struggle, futile, to grasp and preserve the material?
The material deteriorates and destroys.
The material is unreliable, materially and in content.

I could tell you a story about my grandfather who sat on a stone wall having his lunch of tea and cheese sandwiches while taking a break from working the land.

I could tell you a story about the time I sat on a nettle on a stone wall and stung my hand trying to get off it, and when my mother pulled out her camera, I had to smile and pretend my hand was not stinging like hell, so the picture exists of me aged six, smiling, sitting on my hand, and only I can still feel the prickling nettle.

I start out at a point and say: let me investigate to know more.
I dig, I search, I find, I read, I make a note, I put two and two together.
Putting two and two together takes me in more than four directions: I draw conclusions, I make assumptions, I guess, I avoid, I invent, I pick and choose the sometimes convenient or interesting or juicy, I decide, I am told by one person this definitely happened here, and yet their sister disputes it saying it definitely happened there.
The more I know, the more there is to know, the more unknowable it becomes.
I see it once and file it away, I am handed a box and say ‘tomorrow’ for a day that never comes.
I avoid some questions, I think as a whole, I see the forest from the trees, I need a map, I make a map, I have a system and it only makes sense to me.
I make a decision, I mind my own business, I mine my own business and some that are not my own.
I feel paralysed and shake with fear, I take a step, I say something, and there’s no going back now.
What meant one thing then means another thing now, this is for certain.
We cannot retrace and start fresh there, only layer on this.
Acknowledge the wrongs and the rights, the mistakes, the discomfort, the piling up endlessly of meaning and no meaning, the human.
You can’t take it with you, in the end, so leave it behind.
Someone else might pick it up.

[YOU decide what will happen with the result of all of these readings.]
[reading, in your best newsreader voice]

The news in brief was brought to you previously by Evidential Events: Stop what you’re doing and go to the number one provider of circumstance!

The news at roughly one thirty in full now, but first, the headlines:
Midterm reports they weren’t heard; start of term reports they weren’t listened to. Negotiations are ongoing, with representatives from both sides in hiding.
No going back now, but where is there to go? A full inquiry imminent, no due date set or predicted.
To grow and play, to say ‘fuck it all’: how process got its wings clipped back on.
Tracking the progress of glaciers; we’re live with our people in the field.
Wildfires, tornados: how best to profit when the knock comes at your door!
Shit hitting the fan: A new study reveals that it’s never not hitting the perpetual motion machines, and we’re not
Analysts gather to make mountains. Climate experts agree to make strides in overcoming the challenges and unstable undercurrents.
Woman falls; what’s new? A look back on other memorable take-downs.
The voice in the middle; a new study shows that everything we thought we were doing may actually turn out to be the complete opposite of what we should be doing.
Concrete fixtures put a halt to everything in the path.
Leaf thief strikes again! The story stealing sentiments –and hearts everywhere.
Something will change: officials deny reports of stagnation.
Overnight negotiations lead to an increase in the numbers reporting arguments at night, and how one leader is refusing to acknowledge their title.
Weather alert as floods of information threaten to drown those in the vicinity.
In business news, it’s all business; how to prepare for the upcoming crash.
And finally, art! Why it matters and why YOU should be making more of it!

The news in full coming up after this, news just in:
Panic on the streets of ______, panic on the streets of __________, panic panic panic panic. But there’s panic on the streets of __________, panic panic panic panic.

We’ll come back to that story just a little later on but first.
[when everyone has finished speaking –maybe even right before it’s time to ‘start the discussion’- reading persistently, even if you’ve read it before]

Neither the dead nor the living like to be dug back up so put the roots down with care. Our bones know the truth and remember the stories, and when we roll in our graves sometimes there’s just a detail that’s being left out. Of course, other times it’s because we can’t bear to face what has become of the tale and the people who get to tell it.

Taking a walk on the land that may be submerged in the future.
Natural or unnatural?
Both are likely, both are possible, one is inevitable.
It’s only a matter of time.

So we climb up on to the ridge and we step across the ferns, tough and waxy.
“Coral reefs for the future?” I thought.
A new astronaut plane to explore, the terranaut, sub-aqua terranaut, stepping on the cracks that we could fall into but they will only float over them and rise to a surface where we don’t need sci-fi anymore and time has already slowed to the crushing weight of ‘a minute in that life’ is ‘a year in this one.’

When are we not stepping on graves?
But that wasn’t an ironic question at all.
The dead will turn in their graves, the bones will rattle and roll, and the fossil will try with all of its might to make itself heard and it speaks the loudest when eventually found despite the threatening death, glaring it in the face saying if you make a sound I will erase you and your memory.
So who is triumphant in this scenario?

The rising damp, the turbulent times, the crushing flood and scream of the rush we stop hearing after a while because white noise, brown noise, pink noise, we are perfectly poised to ignore or to lose the will to hear.

I take a picture of the ferns on my phone and send it to the one I’m hoping will land, of basic hopes, a life sustainable, and again I ask the letter is there a poem of hope that is not a love letter?
[standing, reading]

Not time, but PRODUCITIVITY!
Not constraints, but TOOLS!
Not energy, but it could be, you know what I’m saying?
Not then, but NOW!
Not hope, not graspable reality! They’re different?
Not questions, but answers. Answers to even the ones that you didn’t know were questions, yes. All there.
Not telling, not showing, we all know the sins.
Not confessing either, we’re past that now.
Not abhorrence, not acceptance.
Not will, not won’t.
Not either, not both! You’re getting it now.
Not there, not here, not when, but then! Ahhhh, yes! Here we are, here we have it. Have it! Have at it.
Not admired, ad-more-ed.
Not yes, not no, not in between, not don’t know.
Not cause, not because, not ever, not if, not when, not even once! Those were the days, weren’t they?
Not a day, not a lifetime, not even BEFORE the lifetime because otherwise we’d know –we’re all here aren’t we?!-, maybe after, we don’t have that answer HAHA!
Not oops, not splat, not blip, not blam, not blat.
Not blot, not not either.
Not over, not off, not even a little bit on.
Not fully either, not landing down there!
Not even, not odd, maybe a little off hahaha!
Not the history, not the coming of ages, not the recipes, not the to do list. No, none of that!
Not what I don’t know, not what I won’t do.
Not what we all do anyway, you’re doing it too!
Not without, notwithstanding.
Not without.
I meant that one.
Not without good reason, am I right?!
Not right, not left, not wrong, not down, not up, not around, not through.
Not in a line, not on a line, where is that line?!
Not a question I swear not a question!
Not how, not who, not when.
Not why, not whenceforth, not henceforth, not wherefore.
Not however, not nothing though there was actually a lot on the subject and you could probably get totally lost in it to be honest, and if I’m being perfectly honest, I mean no offence when I say it too and I’m not being smart.
Not naught, not knots.
Not them, perhaps, but it’s uncertain.
Not those others not here, not not here either, not those who were or will be, not those who never were, here or ever.
Not her, not them, not he, not it, not she, not he, not me, not I, not myself, not this person here I stand before you as the one I swear to you not I.

1st : bestowed unto me as my forebears have left, I take it upon myself to proceed

2nd : path uncertain, path unclear, steady bright eyes say steer onward

3rd : upright and bold, a formidable stance in unsteady times, conquer!

4th : willing to share, willing to care, willing to play, willing to give, willing to be

5th : something unshaken steadies itself and there is a great rumble from deep

6th : participation until the spirit is moved to speak until I know what it is

7th : where it is coming from we do not know and we do not fear the beast

8th : tidal tidings, so giving

9th : absorbing the shock, not rattled, not giving anything away

10th : freely revealing without fear or hesitancy

11th : fulfilling the task at hand, filling both hands, cup overflowing

12th : present position suggests one of infinite number of possibilities, here is one

13th : the only thing you concern yourself with becomes what you worry about

14th : great fear manifested as a root vegetable, not to contaminate the holy

15th : solely responsible for the state of things, slot is filled

16th : owning up, a great climbing of what I will not climb no I will not (I will)

17th: I have all of the reasons right here, it’s a logical path

18th : I know exactly why, reasoning, argument, support, structure, outcome

19th : of course! Certainty! Truly! (Hold me)

20th: a laughter resounds, yes we don’t have a clue, but why would we?

21st: and who am I to know? Who am I to know? Who am I to know anything?

22nd: I am in another part of the world at the time of writing.

23rd : not the very one I wanted to avoid

24th : ahh, the work is done, the Sunday of numbers, the feet are up!

25th: I knew it, I knew it couldn’t be trusted, I knew it, I knew it, I trust fully

26th: every little thing that lays itself before me I will see and hold and trust and

27th: no child of mine will ever say that!

28th: here we reach the only number of givens.

29th: [optional] and from now on in it’s feeling around in the dark, no aid

30th: [optional] there is something building and prying, resolute

31st: [optional] neatly folded up pre-givens.

Stagnation, proclamation, affirmation, affirmative action.
Validation, vocation, admiration, suffocation.
Inhalation, exhalation, inhalation, exhalation.
Resolution, revelation, refraction.
Retraction, revival, survival, review.
Admissions, provocation, invitation, scores.
Uncertainty, acceptance, lose, open, forget, remember.
Context, myth, fiction, repetition.
Allow, forbid, rules, regulation.
Valance, cadence, movement, from and to.
Massacre, still, thrill, trill, ritual.
Nature, plan, map, withhold.
Writing, decisions, holding, sending, holding, warm, holding.
Control, withdraw, drawing, breath, dictate.
End, border, edge, filter, deflect, answer, question.
Respect, subvert, sublime, marry, stitch, wound, heal.
Add, pile, compile, complain, break.
Admit, memory, story, ask, invite, end.
Adhere, break, sink, surprise, gesture, sprout.
Encounter, recount, retell, circle, rejection, message.
Rattle, decoy, shuffle, ask, dig, waver, disappear.
Bombard, direction, timetable, pair.
Shiver, carry, land, anticipate, load, sew.
Encounter, bead, forest, consult, conspire.
Perspire, moderate, trap, choice, endless, hidden.
Volume, value, brice, entice, exhaust.
Sullen, flick, sea, see, dusk, frozen.
Fabricate, exist, alternate, salt, sit, bud, leap, retrace.
Release, non-event, strap, push, remember.
Initial, subjugate, stand, spy, corner.
Fuck up, fail, fail, justify all actions taken, enjoy!


January, Monday, 1am, Simon (who he named Peter), Aries, and a partridge in a pear tree.
Could not bear, could not dance, could not even begin to tell you, but had to move

February, Tuesday, 2pm, his brother Andrew, Taurus, two turtle doves.
Box up, ship out, here on in, spice, relocate, land down unsure but out of a need.

March, Wednesday, 3pm, James, Gemini, three French hens.
The cold wind blows still, and what happened then we have yet to discover.

April, Thursday, 4am, John, Cancer, four calling birds.
The Fool’s Day begins the journey into the unknown but it’s a good leap of faith.

May, Friday, 5am, Philip, Leo, five golden rings.
Ah, here is where surprise takes hold and shakes us by the shoulders telling us to wake up and we might have done, but the vision remained eternal after that.

June, Saturday, 6pm, Bartholomew, Virgo, six geese a laying.
Fall into, put up and out, cling, gather, relax, tear, tear, press, give.

July, Sunday, 7am, Matthew, Libra, seven swans a swimming.
Box up, ship out, track, ship out, relocate, the temporary lingers too long.

August, Monday, 8pm, Thomas, Scorpio, eight maids a milking.
Bees and lavender knew, your sister might have known, you knew. Defied still.

September, Tuesday, 9pm, James son of Alphaeus, Saggitarius, nine ladies dancing.
Not a fresh start, but a reawakening. The first night with only a candle all night

October, Wednesday, 10am, Simon who was called the Zealot, Capricorn, 10 pipers piping.
How do I work this? We worked this. We didn’t work this. We find ourselves at a point explaining what has not yet gone on at all, a pre-emptive bandage.

November, Thursday, 11pm, Judas the son of James, Aquarius, eleven lords a leaping.
Herald, herald! Cards and surprises! Not what you expect! In a good way, it’s not at all what you think it is, it only has to be a certain way because you say, here.

December, Friday, 12am, Judas Iscariot who became the traitor, twelve drummers drumming.
Peace. Two tone striking to the centre hurts more than sorrow, two for joy, and finally come clean and honest and write it, and nothing is right, ever.

I will not talk about my dreams!
I will not talk about the dreams I had involving us going to a church -us here is family- and something about two dogs –big ones- and i understood that one of them had been severed in half and eaten by maggots and the other was kind of going the same way
things were desolate and red and bleak, though not because of the dogs!
I will not talk about my dreams!

Run and hide, apocalypse when I finally do sleep! The one with the face-melting rain, and brains exploding on the street –from ideal to can’t conceal the worst horror!- the same one where handed a baby and my own hands were purple, face melting rain, and at the same time, an explosion in the sky mushrooming out in the clouds as a mushroom cloud (nuclear) and it wasn’t about survival, because every second that went by was a second closer to annihilation but every second that went by halved itself infinitely, infinitely approaching zero, is that a limit?, so that it would never get to zero, agony prolonged for eternity.
And then I woke up, it was all a dream!
I will not talk about my dreams!

I will not talk about the not getting to sleep, the not getting it complicates it doesn’t it, to dream about getting to sleep to dream about biowarfare.
I will not talk about my dreams!

I will not dream about my dreams, oh quiet and soft, little lamb, soft and fluffy. I don’t dream those dreams!
I will not talk about my dreams!

The one where there is success, we’re all sitting in a circle, affirming one another lovingly, we all explore and play and go home to our spacious and cosy, living spaces imbued with, ten more things we can dream of in every, nook and cranny doesn’t begin to describe, how we are met with a home-cooked meal –and it just happened to be our favourite one!- by the person or people we love the most who are so thrilled to see us and everything flows easily… Now you see, no I can’t talk about those dreams, that’s not even a dream, why would anyone dream of
I will not talk about my dreams!

You have won the art! You have written the thing! You have shot the shot, cleaned the pot, got paid a lot, felt you were hot. Who is to say you couldn’t fall in love too? Add it in there!

I will not talk about my dreams!
I will not talk about my dreams!
I will not talk about my dreams!

Be patient. It will be worth it. Ease into it.
Take two things away. Ask what is not speaking.
Open the window and look left. Draw a line under the last conversation.
The next chapter starts now. Introduction to the present.
Keep breathing, then keep breathing. Introduce two objects who have never met.
Do a cover version. Reinterpret the criticism without irony.
The error was a suggestion of what you really wanted to do.
Plant, again. Wild abandon.
Change the rhythm. Pick up the pace for an hour and then walk away.
Write the same thing, again, and don’t look back, again.
Everything led you to here, what takes you away?
What does it mean to repeat? As you were. So it is!
Is there ever wasted time? You are putting a leaf into someone else’s book.
Look at the constellations. A letter of appreciation to the most boring object you can think of. Stand-up comedy. Nothing needs to be solved. Dig your heels in.
The picture your 8 year old self would draw of you now.
The material itself needs examining.
One word at a time.
A full stop.
List the artworks you would never admit to wanting to make. Get to the point. No fluff.
Tell the letter how you really feel.
What dreams did your bed have?
Turn around, for one day.
Where does the forest start? Allow yourself.
Tune in to the ghost of the future.
Do both!
Imagine it all works out?
You don’t have to answer back.
10 questions for your day.
What does it mean to erase?
Affection -never underrated.
Parameters, points, corners. Thank you for what.

Integrate redemption.
A dialogue between certain and uncertain. Appeal to your own day.
A list of positive ‘what ifs’
Celebrate internally.
Border line. Flag poles upended and unended.
The answer is yes. Ask again later.
A definitive response for an indefinite question.
Without reason.
The opposite speed.
How does the centre relate to the edge?
A curfew for worry.
Operate a remote possibility.
Right here, right now -all that you have is enough.
Do your own backing vocals. Extravagance is minimalism.
The latecomer has what you’re looking for. The game changer elopes.
Unity in turmoil.
What is in the kitchen produces the meal. What is in the studio produces the result.
What is the minimum? Go again.
Consider research on the most frivolous. Go again.
Dish out relief generously. Best served straight-up.
What would they say in this scenario? Recite it, then trash it.
Who is your medium?
Initials. Be moved.
Should it be defined?
No might not be a negative.
Blur, but not for the sake of it.
Cleanse your space.
Allow it to sit.
What are the keywords? No need for justification. Pencil it in.
More water. Add some spice.
Who are the people in your neighbourhood?
Better. No walls between those folks.
Biscuit or cake?
Put the brick on the accelerator.
What is in the empty frame? Revisit. Offer your cup, fill it to the brim. Retreat & resolve.
Be the bridge yourself.
[reading while listening, reading and multitasking]

I hear what you are saying, and I’m letting it land. Why do you think that is? Yes, I feel like you’re getting at something here. I don’t know what I think about it. I haven’t thought about that in years. I can honestly say, I haven’t seen him, but come on in, come on in.
Hmm, I see I see.
How did you go about that? What were the reasons? Don’t refuse!

[listening intently, reading intensly]

Can’t write like last night
Can’t write
Can’t write like that right now
Or can’t write
Hope it will return, can’t fight
It without hoping that it will indeed return, return oh might!
Can’t write!

[reading again, listening again]

Never not night.
Wholly again, we are pressing our ears against something that could tell us something, something at all, but not anything will do, it’s something specific
Not revealed yet, no, we can admit to that.
Ever revealed? Oh I don’t know about that!
We don’t really go back over them once they’re done, it’s done and dusted, but then left to gather dust.
Let it sit, let it land, let the dust settle!
Let it collect, so you can collect, collect yourself, collect the things that need collecting. They are there to be collected.
And not without a pause!

[re-reading, not re-listening but still listening]

A character who could have been anyone, one born good before redemption, one who came in accidentally, one who thought they knew all there was to know, one who would be a loathed tax-evader if they were alive today, one who puts surveillance cameras on the poles outside the house, one who is the end of a sentence, one who is the havoc created by the pretending not to know, one who knows exactly what is going on, one who is the end, one who is the beginning of this new chapter which never starts suddenly and with pomp and warning but always seamlessly blended in over from the previous one.

The curtain rose, and I froze
The light beamed, and I screamed (not really)
The eyes looked, and I’m fucked
The paint stuck, and I shook
The cloth strained, and I’m drained
And we haven’t even gotten started!

Panic, don’t move!
Madness, don’t soothe!
Fear, don’t linger!
Doubt, you stinger!
Chatter, doesn’t matter.
Point, heart shatter.

Veil, fail
Crowd, cowed,
Maybe, hazy,
Might, light,
Pass, ask,
Set, fret,
Ticket, picket,

Tried and buried,
Dried out and hurried,
Mouse scurried.
Tested and rested,
Never at that point!
Hesitate, contemplate, squander, bear the brunt,
A ‘something’ hunt.
Wait for something,
something dies,
wait for nothing,
nothing arrives.
How do we work this?
[whispering, reading]

There was something about the way back that couldn’t be understood, stepping over, again, but not willing to be explained. Hiding itself.

Invoking two dead grandparents (in this case both grandfathers). Talking to the dead, or rather letting them speak for themselves. It’s been done before, it’s no big deal. Repeats means the pain again, and being no back of a clock.

I remember the times my life changed, I remember it so clearly. I took a breath without thinking, let it go without a second thought, and did it again. I remember it so clearly.

Match report:
The first didn’t get going, the flame was too weak but burned for too long, all the way down until it burnt my fingers. It didn’t light.
The second was on fire before I was ready to go and burnt out suddenly. It didn’t light.
The third was never going to work, because it was broken, defective, not fit for purpose. It didn’t light.
The fourth –despite seeming like it was going to, or could; despite the promising start- didn’t light it, didn’t even get close. It didn’t light.
The fifth burned the brightest, after a gentle, slow start. It lit the candle with ease, and the candle flame was long and steady. It burned until the candle was finished, and an omen that was not sought answered what hadn’t been asked: it will be the fifth. It lit.

The dust that settles here is something else.
Even the moving things (and the oft-moved) are layered in a film of dust that manages to cling and settle no matter what.

I heard a story about two men in a room;
I heard one about the wind and the moon.
Mine was a warning, a caution in life;
Mine was about greed, dangers and strife.
We exchanged riddles that went to no end;
We swapped memories of the habit misspend.
And none of us know what went on in secret;
Because no one will say, they’ll just bury and keep it.
Some facts of the case: there are missing details
From the other pair’s story –the mystery remains.

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16. YOU are A PARROT

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• For some horror writers, nothing is scarier than a changing planet
• ‘Artificial leaf’ successfully produces clean gas

YOU are going to decide when things should come to an end, and how that will come about.