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First performed in 2020.
A picture of my knees.
The metallic smell of blood is not an aftermath, but the prompt

A place so strewn with graves there is no need to be buried.
Just nod your head however heavy the soil, however impaired the movement and wait for your neighbour to arrive.
Your neighbour will eventually come.

Is it an invader if the invitation was given?
Oh dear oh dear my dear.
Wash your hands.
Wash your hands of the whole sorry matter.
Sorry matter
will not leave.
Banish and dispel
Invoke and provoke

Bleeding pen bleeding ink bleeding knee.
Bleeding Knee uses bleeding pen to make a statement.
Bleeding Knee does not know whether or not to drink up young woman it’s good for you.
No fear of blood loss, just get that into you.
No fear, Bleeding Knee, no fear.
It’s full of iron, Bleeding Knee, no fear.
It’ll blacken your blood and lighten your heart, Bleeding Knee.
Bleeding Knee, you should have gotten the drink of black soil, Bleeding Knee.
Your strength would have been restored. Your strength would have been given.
But Bleeding Knee, there is always time to have another.
This would have just been a good moment, Bleeding Knee.
Just a good moment, Bleeding Knee.

And when you wait, Bleeding Knee, you will feel the rock and the sway.
You will be forced to stop & delay, you will be made to think again.
Be patient, Bleeding Knee, you will get going.
But while you wait, Bleeding Knee, you will have nothing else to do.
There won’t be anything but you and yourself, Bleeding Knee.
The words might come, and you will feel the bubble and bloat.
The rippling, crippling, trapped air will continue, the movement will start and become eternal, shaking everything, the dip and drop of the whole lot.
You will not fear, Bleeding Knee, because you will know when it comes it is not as bad as the of the others, and because you are a falling expert too, Bleeding Knee.
This fall is only anticipated in worst-case-scenario moments, and is likely not to come.
This fall won’t hurt, Bleeding Knee, and there will be no bleeding knee, Bleeding Knee.
What is Shattered Bones and Broken Heart compared to Whole Lost Story?
What is Ruptured Eardrum and Punctured Lung compared to Don’t Tell Me What Happened?

Sunburnt crescent, moon-pink shine, skin peeled away, lifted off, flaked,
Spun out of
The thousand-year-deep depths of pressing compressing depressing little footsteps into what was the line between over there and over here.
But my foot gives out about the soft soggy not-quite-firm footing,
Gives in to falling, and can’t get up again.

On line,
On lines of dried-out skin and ageing eyes, the week wears on, twelve times today, washed out and fading into one another, sole survivor here at the window.
On line of dried out skin, space for wet soil, dried-out soil to find root.
On line of dried-out skin, a flake, foreign body, crumble touch dried-out flesh.
On line of scar tissue, fissure, borderlands.
There is a constant breeze, a veil of movement, slight but steady.

The threat to rip away the other part, the violent wrenching can rupture a whole life.

Not a careful separation, but an aggressive ripping, pulling, ripping, so that sinew and tendon are torn and severed, fibrous ends, roots and branches torn asunder, and the ‘ffffffffff’ pulling, not a clean crack or a snap, but a painful, soft ‘ssssssssssfffff’, opening a fissure for leaking, dripping contamination, escape, sore and pain, throbbing, dull, deep, echoing pain, radiating a warmth of wound and hurt, of ebb and flow.

And if the two parts were to be brought back together, there is no clean click or snap back together, but a touching, a tentacle-feeling, a pressing not too hard, just let it rest until we are not raw, let the time heal, let the sinews and roots speak to one another again, grow back around, embed, find the language they both once spoke.
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