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Knot not for Vicuña, but after Vicuña
First performed in 2019.
Placing a stone on a wall,
or on the ground,
or in front of a door.
There are stones on stone tables and tablets, the stones on top are pale green, pale purple, and black. The stone tables are grey.

There are women around in a circle, we are choosing a stone to connect with ancestors.

Knot not, the red thread runs through the dream. Knot knot.

There is a language being passed on, not knots. Knot.

Knotted knots, not the only way they can be, not knots.


Not that it's only that, knotted into a monthly cycle of endless pain, tied up in knots.
Collective experience only out in the open, but not.


Knot knot.

Not only the knots, but clots.
They follow me around, they follow us all around, the knots, clots, not always but always knots.
Unravelled but not unknotted.

The language transmitted in intervals, felt in the bumps and spaces,
The not



There and here
Knot knot.

For multiple readers, sitting at the edges.
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Acknowledging them.
Taking red woollen thread,
making a cat's cradle.
Taking red woollen thread,
making knots.
Taking red woollen thread,
adding more knots
until you stop speaking.
Hanging up the knotted thread.